chronicler Vasil Garbov

There was a long pause after the last post on the subject, but it was inevitable.

Judging by the performance of the last 8 episodes of the "Road to a New Era" series, I found that the Bulgarian version performed better, so I'll finish it in Bulgarian.

Also, the new season of the useful and fresh program - Mentor the Young - starts soon, so I need to finish this cycle - 4 more episodes to go.

Special thanks to Todor Madzharov, with whom I'm still having mentoring conversations, I'm just asking for them to be over a longer range so I can share results with him, not just my idle chatter, for which I thank him!

So, I've read what I wrote last (just nonsense), and reviewed what I have in my notes on that day we had the conversation in question, so today we'll talk about:

  1. The latest news for my clients
  2. The latest business ideas
  3. Preparing for the first 6 ready solutions
  4. Preparing for pricing

Chapter 1

At this point - over 6 months, most of the "debtors" have extended that there are new ones. Not many, unfortunately, but more and more quality and solvent. On that note, we may as well jump right into the other two chapters, as I hope to have this topic closed by the end of this season - Road to a New Era.

Chapters 2 & 3

I'll tell it to you like this (as I understand it and as it happens):

  1. Assume I am an accountant and need to register a new company for a client with a capacity of 5 units, accepting a fee of 1 unit for this service.
  2. Assume that I register a new company of a client with a capacity of 100 units, but this time I take an amount for the service - 20 units.
  3. For both clients, I have gone through the same procedure and lost more or less the same resources, but in the end, I have extracted more units from the one that is more solvent.

So I came to this conclusion for all digital services, not just the web. In the end, I still stick to the one-man army model and it will be good to have the limited time I have 100% utilized for as many units as possible, so expect even more premium solutions from me and Digital New Era.

In any case, I will keep my model to myself (reusing everything quality), I just won't share it with the client because it doesn't affect them.

Ha, turns out that the last chapter is being covered here too - pricing. Well we're raising them, what can I tell you? If we're going to raise the level, we're going to raise the liability, and therefore the prices.

This chapter is shaping up to be short, as are the other last ones, indicating my high level of employment, which is good. By now, and maybe by the end of the series, something that has been cemented as a theory is that it's all about testing until a consensus is reached.