chronicler Vasil Garbov

The new season of Mentor the Young has started and the organizers managed to "match-match" me with a strict mentor and professional - Vassi. From her, I will learn the latest SEO best practices (on another level) so I can better optimize my sites as well as those of potential clients. Excited!

Now back to the road and episode 10 with Todor Madzharov (who I heard from a week before writing this, based on old notes).

What will we see in this episode?

  1. Pricing strategy
  2. A/B testing
  3. Monthly subscription/pay for a year with 20% off
  4. Customer churn rate
  5. Negotiations (for salary in person)

I'm writing this chapter in mega chunks (continuing it for the third time in 3 weeks, anyway).

Chapter I

Prices - always low for the business, high for the customer. However, I have come to a brilliant enlightenment in recent weeks that I have commented on several times, but the bottom line - "repetition is the mother of knowledge" and it is 100% so. So, that is the most important and expensive resource in this dimension - time.

It turns out that no matter how talented a person is, if they don't value their time there will be no gradation long term (or even short term), I fight myself every day for this, I even lose clients simply because I started raising my prices and labor in general because it's just "not worth it" for less.

And I'm going to speak in elementary facts here:

I want to be at a high level in the web industry > I have 10-14 hours a day (at the most) > I want to eventually earn cash > For me "cash" is at least 10 000lv/month (bare minimum) > These are:

  • 1 client for 10k
  • 1 client for 7k and 1 for 3k
  • 2 clients for 5k
  • 3 clients for 3.5k
  • 4 clients for 2.5k

And this (I'm not even sure about this) I just take more than 4 clients, and I won't offer the best that I am capable of.

Chapter II

A/B testing - it may sound absurd, but it seems to me a very subjective method, but also the most logical.

Hmm I feel that I turned this section into a monologue, and I should comment on the conversations with my mentor - Todor Madzharov, which I actually do just share the conclusions I came to after them, thanks to him.

Back on topic, it really depends on how we apply this method, if it's the same people testing two versions of a Landing page on the same day, it's going to be 100% accurate, but if we're testing live with totally different users from all over the world in different months of the year, for me it's accurate no more than 70-75%. If you're reading this, there's no point in me giving you an argument, I just think it's logical.

My point is that we should never take everything at face value.