chronicler Vasil Garbov

In this episode you will see:

1. Reflections on motivation, discipline and dreams

2. Updates on progress

3. Again, deep reflections about life and experience

4. Preparing the key topics to focus on until the end

5. Final conclusion of where we are and where we are going

And all this with the direct involvement of my mentor - Todor Madzharov.

Chapter I

Let's start with the motivation - that's right - there is none. At the moment I don't really feel like writing this text, of this series, which I consider to be damn pointless.

And no, I'm not relying on motivation, I'm relying on discipline.

I think that even if it doesn't make sense right now, maybe in a while it will. So that's exactly what Todor and I were discussing on this topic a few weeks ago - that it would be hard at some point, that I wouldn't see the point, that I would want to quit, but then I remember that I don't want to be "average" and that's my biggest fear.

My whole idea of dreams, goals, and personal development is focused on how far I can go. I want to find out how far I can go. I WANT IT TO BE 101% OF MY CAPACITY and to know that before I die, I give it my all.

Chapter II

On this topic, we have determined once again that a person can truly reach their limit by constantly stepping out of their comfort zone. Believe me, I am deep in my comfort zone even at this point, but I am doing everything I can to get out of it.

On March 1, 2023, I created an artificial motivation and a permanent way out of my comfort zone - Digital New Era.

It's pretty hard to get out of your comfort zone and be sure that what you're doing is the right thing.

Let's talk about the progression to that day:
- The number of Ready Web Solutions had not grown;
- Once again, I wasn't sure if there was any point to them at all (still am not);
- I wasn't sure which payment/communication/content acquisition model was best to apply to the customer (I'm still not)...

The dilemma was also which to focus on (I think I know the answer now) - cheap, off-the-shelf web solutions or more expensive, custom ones.

Definitely the more sophisticated and well priced solutions are worth more. 


Because I felt that the effort I would put into explaining to an ordinary person (most likely one, since he is just starting out and doesn't have much money) what the best approach is, why it is so, etc., and non-verbally and for 600-700 dollars or leva sounds terribly impractical and pointless than finding an already up and running business with a need for a new digital presence and financial capabilities.

To have verbal communication that will allow me to be more united, and to get 3000-4000 bucks or dollars, but to know that the project will be TOP for both parties.

Chapter III

Again, back to the deep thoughts and life themes - like how not to overwork and how personal life should not interfere with work. For people as ambitious as me (yes, I am and I will prove it) - this is impossible.

On the contrary, I find it useful because a hell of a lot of times, brilliant ideas have come to my mind when I least expect it (I won't go into details 😀 )

In short, I want to give my conclusion - it's useful to be obsessive about your ideas, ambitions and dreams. Working 8 to 5 is not enough and never will be!

Chapter IV

What we decided to focus on:

- Marketing (I'm a round zero there, relying mostly on strong Empathy and good general taste)

- Negotiation (to date I'm much better, but there's still room for improvement)

- Business (when and how to expand Digital New Era, by how much and what?)

Chapter V

To finish - where are we now and where are we going.

Right then I don't remember and it doesn't matter, I can only say that I was definitely not as aware of my goal as I am now.

Back then I wanted start-ups and low-paying clients - now I'm definitely not a fan.

I'll give you a visual example why:

A friend of mine sells his wooden Citroen for 3500lv, accordingly, people come and waste his time for weeks. Finally, he sells it for 2500lv just to get rid of it.

Another friend of mine sells more luxurious cars, mostly Audis from 2015 upwards, with no car under 20,000lv. 

Well, things are quite different there. He manages to sell an average of 4 cars a month, with profits as high as 30%. Draw your own conclusions 🙂