chronicler Vasil Garbov

Because despite taking notes all the time I found that things were getting a bit repetitive and decided not to waste any more airtime (and probably no one has gotten to this point, so I won't even read it all).

However, I'll use the last part of the series to take stock of the journey to this point, through my prism and my writing capacity (I couldn't think of a more erudite word (I don't even know if erudite is the right word/same)).

Here's what we're supposed to comment on (things repeat themselves):

  1. News for all customers
  2. Tests
  3. New niche strategy
  4. New members at New Era
  5. Fundraising
  6. Operating in different countries, in different languages

Here is, the general conclusion for the whole 10 months (I rounded it to a year):

  1. No one is going to give as much as you when it comes to your business (and yes from business to business, everything before business is ali-bali).
  2. It's all about testing in absolutely realistic situations (i.e. with real people, under real circumstances, not scratching our tongues).
  3. You have to think 101% critically and always start from the worst-case scenario (meaning if you are opening a grocery store imagine first that a different person than your brother won't come in for 7 months, that there is a possibility of alien invasion and that you will be wasting a lot of time).
  4. You have to look for high-ticket customers (we've commented on this before, the time it takes to change a tire on a Lada Niva and a G Class will be more or less the same, just under different circumstances, you'll pick up a lot more money on the G Class :D).
  5. The personal brand sells more than "just another brand" because people trust people. (if you're alone, like me)
  6. You need time and patience for the stable stuff (I HAVE NO PATIENCE TO BE RESPECTED, YOUNG, SUCCESSFUL, AND BEAUTIFUL).
  7. One must be able to be flexible and adaptable quickly. If you see that something is not working or there is something better, you just change it or do it (I saw the best do it, I don't worry about that either I changed my concept 10+ times in 1 year and worked on personal sites half the time).
  8. No time! No time! No time! Grab every opportunity and don't be a woman, don't complain about being tired or burned out. No - tough job! (I have an awesome advantage over a large percentage of people in the field simply because I have a hell of a strong discipline built from sports and the chance of something stopping me from achieving my goals is minimal - not bragging, but it's a fact).
  9. Just as one has to come to terms with being alone, one has to learn to work with people and partners to grow. (I find it quite difficult because very few people are psychopaths like me and as I mentioned above, they are unlikely to waste 1 year working on their sites to no avail while other monkeys develop in other, faster ways).

To finish, I would like to thank my first mentor ever - Todor Madzharov, first of all for taking a lot of time for me, for looking through my prism, and for being a great person and role model. I also want to thank the Mentor the Young program for giving young and ambitious people in Bulgaria the opportunity to have successful professionals by their side. Good luck to everyone!