chronicler Vasil Garbov

Our fifth conversation with my mentor Todor Madzharov was held 2 weeks after the last one. In it, we commented on the following points:

1. News on the progress of New Era for the last 2 weeks
- Three new "Instant Web Solutions", as well as between 3-5 designs ready for development and two new freelance clients

2. Positive reconstruction of the business model

3. Changes based on tests on the Digital New Era interface + improved functionalities

4. New goals set

1. After a long and hard work of about 1 week (2 hours a day at least) I finished the first "Instant Web Solution".

Everything is just right on the design and dynamics (maybe I went a little overboard with the onLoad effects, but go ahead). I think the design is also quite flexible, as you can literally change the brand color from one class, you can literally change the font from one button, and it takes exactly 5 minutes to change the content on each page. SIMPLY PERFECT!

However, we come to point 2.

2. How much does this cost? Originally it was 150lv/dollar stamps per month. For what? So, as we are a boutique digital agency with a focus on the web and are quite resource constrained (I was on my own then, not quite now) I couldn't and still can't offer hosting simply because I don't want to, don't have the time or capacity.

I don't want to and I don't have the time. Let's forget the concept of MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). It's too involved, both for me (as an organization) and for the client (who doesn't want to pay, DOESN'T WANT TO PAY)!

Yes, I know it's the most current model, but it just doesn't work for me at this point. That's why we are selling this "Instant Web Solutions" one-time for 599lv/dollar stamps, and we are offering a hosting partner - Hostinger, and detailed instructions. Period. If from there on, the customer wants additional changes, new pages, etc. they will be charged as they should be.

Of course, once they pay for this solution, we will for example do our best to make sure they don't miss anything - Design changes tailored to his brand, create quality content (we won't use "automation" 😉 ) etc.

3. The interface is clear, maybe I'll run a poll in which we'll test whether the noise effect annoys you or not because at the moment I only get this as "not very positive" feedback, but I like it a lot, and you have no idea how long it took me to come up with it and not slow down the site.

4. To be honest, I don't remember what goals we had set after that conversation, but judging by the changes and news at the time, we probably commented on the rest of the "Instant Web Solutions", which is a pain for me to this day. Why? Because it takes a hell of a long time to create a "theme" like this that is as versatile as possible, works adequately, and has an impressive design. But soon I'll share with you how I solved this problem and in which direction I focused.

Good luck!