chronicler Vasil Garbov

It's me again.

I threw you into the deep a bit from the beginning, so in this post, we'll start with the brand, the business, the goals, the ideas, the dreams, the money, the successes, who ruined the country, etc.

What is Digital New Era Ltd?

Officially: a boutique digital agency with a focus on
web, offering unique and innovative web solutions - WORLD CLASS!!!

Real: Another "MEGA COOL DIGITAL AGENCY WITH TURBO EXPERTS IN IT WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE DOING", but overall the core concept is really when you're solving a problem, to think "OUTSIDE THE BOX" for real, for real. The original idea was to have the business revolve around 3 types of web solutions according to the different capabilities and goals of the clients, on a monthly subscription basis. This fell through for a number of reasons, which we'll explore later.

This was true, but not exactly.

What were my goals in the end?

We offer 3/4 types of web solutions.

1. Ready-made web solutions - these are offered in the form of so-called ready-made sites/templates, but they are different. They are not "just generated themes", but "just generated themes" with a more updated user experience, dynamics, interactions, and interface. The idea is that startups on a budget can get something in return, more than decently, at an affordable price.

2. Custom web solutions - these are no longer "just generated solutions", but are fully customized with a fixed price and correspondingly limited benefits that you get.

3. Bespoke web solutions - it's all relative there, depending on the mood of the contractor and the client of the project, as well as the altitude we are at. Joking aside, literally, everything is individual and is decided after a few discussions with the client.

3/4.  Secret for now.

That's for New Era.

What I commented with my top mentor Todor Madjarov, who I met thanks to the top mentoring program - Mentor the Young during our second chat.

Directly they start with business:

1. First, we commented on administrative issues - the accountant, the state of the website, the company registration, VAT issues, etc. (I want to clarify that before the program started I had made a lot of progress - I had done all this and had built the overall MVP and brand in about a month, so we really had a place to start).

2. We then brainstormed the overall business concept - how we would make sales, how we would promote the business, what our priority was, how we would differentiate ourselves from the competition, and why we thought potential clients would choose us and our services.

3. We discussed ways to promote and sell (I'm definitely not a fan of paid ads - firstly because I'm miserable and have no experience with them, and secondly because thanks to the limited resources of the business until recently I was a one-man army, I wanted to rely more on the individual approach).

So, here are the initial ways to reach the clients in question (I'm open to ideas):

- Social media - LinkedIn, Facebook (groups, pages for specific niches), Instagram (same as Facebook), possibly Twitter

- Local businesses

- Suggestion for a direct website redesign - Influencers (not too sure to tell you, must be a pretty big niche, no way Geri-Nikol or Stoyan Kolev would promote, not my thing).

4. Then, thanks to being alone (I'm still in some aspects, so if there are those willing to get involved) we discussed the issue of automation and how to not complicate my life. I'm not saying I use ChatGPT for 90% of the things I do, but I am saying it. (This is an example of "automation").

5. We commented on a possible "flying start" where I run one of the few paid campaigns I would ever run for "BUILD A FREE WEBSITE BY FEBRUARY 17 - for example, the idea being that with each new project I increase my base of "Ready-made Web Solutions" to resell later. (Imagine a pre-made campaign that "automates" the process and makes "my life easier"). We'll skip the free stuff for now, after all, I'm from Gabrovo, and people pretty much abuse my kindness. (I have at least 10 free or token-paid projects - no one appreciates it).

6. Another pretty key topic - affiliate marketing (which is on pause for now). Let me explain. The scheme is ironclad, but not quite. We'll comment on that too when the time comes.